Letter Standee

Letter standees are one of the most popular items used to promote a product or an event. They can be seen during parties and other celebrations such as debuts and weddings. They can be seen to decorate stores (such as the ones we’ve seen at a friend music store the previous weekend)or during a product launch and trade shows.

We have been commissioned to do a letter standee for a wedding last month. We used chip board for the base material and paper mache to make it more sturdy. It’s height is 3ft., width 2 ft., thickness 6 inches. This is how it looks like:









The New #TreeHouse Series

Hello, everyone. First of all we would like to apologize for the lack of post during the past few months. It has been a hectic time for our family and I haven’t really found the time to update this site. I also haven’t had the opportunity to go back to sending postcards and being active at Postcrossing. I have been planning on taking a trip to the bookstore and stock up on some postcards but somehow, I haven’t really had the time for it. For now, I have just been browsing online and looking into some new postcards that may be already be available (aside from the fact that I am also looking into sites like musicians friend canada to look for a guitar that our youngest wants to buy from the money he earned from his summer job).

Anyway, even though there hasn’t been a new post lately, we have been busy making some arts/crafts projects and we can’t wait to share them with you in the coming days.


We noticed that a lot of our site’s visitors and readers are looking into our arts/crafts creations which is why we decided to feature more of them and have what we will call the #TreeHouse series.¬†We have had some new design ideas and we have actually finished quite a number of them. We’re excited about sharing them with you and hearing about your thoughts.

We hope you’ll come check out the site in coming days and see our new projects. Yes?

Cardboard Craft Project: Miniature Churches

Church architecture has always been an interest for us. From the most impressive and intricate designs that basilicas and cathedrals have to the simple but elegant churches and chapels, we have always been inspired by them.

For this craft project, we wanted to make miniature churches and the main material we used was illustration board. We first chose a design we like then we drew them on the illustration board to make a cut out pattern.

We also painted them before we glued them together. We made cut outs of the windows separately and painted them as well.

We then glued them together (a glue gun would come in handy for this one), and this is what we came up with. (Notice the miniature trees that we placed on the side of the main door? They are mainly made out of egg shells. Well do a separate post for that.)

We also placed a battery operated light (red for this one) inside to give it a more dramatic effect, making it look serene. It makes one feel like a private and serene ceremony is going on inside; like a wedding complete with all the wedding entourage, a gorgeous bride wearing a stunning gown, and an impressive wedding ring (that will replace the simple but unique promise rings here that the couple has been wearing).

Anyway, we hope that you find our new creations interesting and we hope that you keep a lookout for all our other new art/crafts projects. We have mad quite a number of tree houses in various designs so watch out for that.

Stay creative!