Sending Another Batch of Postcards

Receiving postcards from different parts of the world can be very exciting because you get a glimpse of what other countries have to offer. And I’m not just talking about the wonderful places and attractions that they have. What I find more interesting is what the sender has to say about his country and culture. The stories that they share about their lives and what they enjoy doing also makes the postcard unique.

I haven’t had the chance to send postcards again for weeks now; in fact, I haven’t accessed my Postcrossing account for some time because I have been preoccupied with a number of things. And since I haven’t been sending postcards, I also haven’t received new ones either. It’s a good thing that I was able to go through my stocks of postcards here at home and found some interesting ones that I would like to share to other Postcrossing members. Whenever I have the time, I would browse online for interesting postcards that are available locally.  I have seen some customized postcards that were made using the customer’s own photographs just like the personalized promotional items that I saw at I may have to look into some of the photos that we have here particularly that of the beach that we visited a week ago. The view there was really breathtaking and I hope we have beautiful photos of it that I can turn into postcards. I’m still not sure though about how much it would cost; bulk orders would cost less but I don’t think I’ll be needing more than a couple of dozens. I’m still going through all the options for now. Anyway, I’ll be sending a new batch of postcards this week and hopefully, I’ll start being active at Postcrosiing again, because I sure miss sending and receiving postcards.

Planning to Purchase a Guitar for the Kids

We have been meaning to buy a guitar for the kids but we haven’t really gotten the time to buy one. We were at the mall last week but since we had to go straight back home after watching a movie, we weren’t able to look into the various guitars that were being sold. The thing is, we also haven’t decided whether we should buy a new one or a pre-owned one. We are also looking online for online retailers of musical instruments and find out how we can save on buy instruments that are pre-owned but are still in good condition. Hopefully we can decide within the next few days so that the kids can have a guitar that they can use during their summer break.