Here’s What Happened to Our Postcard Collection

Receiving postcards from different parts of the world is truly exciting; it gives one a glimpse of not just the interesting and beautiful places that can be found in various countries but also the different cultures that make them unique. I always look forward to the simple stories that the sender would include in their postcards. The stamps are also beautiful which is why we also collect them.

When I joined Postcrossing a few years ago, I knew that collecting postcards and stamps is something that I will do for a very long time.

Sadly though, when our house burned down and we lost most of our possessions, we also lost most of our collections including the postcards. Most of the postcards I received through Postcrossing and through personal swap, have been destroyed. The stamps that we have collected, including the commemorative stamps have also been destroyed. We are truly sad about this because being avid collectors, we consider these collections as treasures, something that cannot be replaced. (The same goes to our children’s collections such as Hotwheels, Transformers, Archie comics, mini 4WDs, etc). Our youngest is particularly sad about his keyboards since he has been learning how to play his favorite songs and he has been bringing his keyboards to school whenever they have presentations. We just told him that we will just have to save for a new one. He has actually been browsing through different websites that offer various musical instruments and accessories such as music stands and 6 channel amp headphone. (By the way, we also have a coin collection which, fortunately, hasn’t been destroyed by the fire).

Anyway, I plan on going being active Postcrossing again and start sending postcards. I hope to find the time to go postcard shopping soon and then start building up our collection once again.

National Museum of Finland

The National Museum of Finland depicts Finnish history from prehistoric times to the present. The museum is located in Mannerheimintie 34, Helsinki and operates in partnership with the National Board of Antiquities and the Ministry of Culture and Education of the government.

The permanent exhibition is divided into six departments and can be found on four floors. Collections of coins, medals and weapons as well as Finland’s largest archaeological exhibition can also be viewed at this section. They also have temporary exhibitions the current of which is named ‘Adventure in Siberia’ , which can be viewed until February 1, 2015. The museum also hosts various events throughout the year. A Christmas Bazaar is set to open on the 13th of December 2014. Museum shops from all over Finland get to feature all exclusive and high quality products. Museum guests can shop for Christmas presents and decorations. There are a wide variety of products available so guests are sure to find all the latest products that are perfect gift items even musical instruments similar to the Gibson 2015 Thunderbird Vintage Sunburst from Musician’s Friend that we see online.Visiting The National Museum of Finland during this time of the year is indeed the perfect time to not only learn about Finland’s history but at the same time, have some bonding time with your family and friends as you finish your Christmas shopping.

You can learn more about The National Museum of Finland at The National Board of Antiquities’ official website.

* Postcrossing Postcard #81 from Pirjo of Finland.

Tallinn, Estonia



Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, lies on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, about 80 km south of Helsinki. The Historic Center (Old Town) of Tallinn was included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage site in 1997. It has remained as one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, with tourists flocking the city especially during the summer. Tourists get to see the various medieval houses and alleyways as well as the medieval churches including the Church of the Holy Ghost which is pictured in postcard above.

The Town Hall Square has a popular meeting place and busy marketplace for centuries. Locals and tourists from neighboring cities and countries, flock the town square since it has been turned into a social center and a popular venue for craft sales and medieval markets. Public events are also regularly held at the town square, including parties and concerts featuring singers and musical artists who would showcase their skills in playing different musical instruments such as the martin d16 guitar and violin. A Christmas Market can also be found in Tallinn, where shoppers can buy different creative and colorful Christmas ornaments.

*Postcrossing postcard #78 from Eve of Tallin, Estonia.