Letter Standee

Letter standees are one of the most popular items used to promote a product or an event. They can be seen during parties and other celebrations such as debuts and weddings. They can be seen to decorate stores (such as the ones we’ve seen at a friend music store the previous weekend)or during a product launch and trade shows.

We have been commissioned to do a letter standee for a wedding last month. We used chip board for the base material and paper mache to make it more sturdy. It’s height is 3ft., width 2 ft., thickness 6 inches. This is how it looks like:









Scanning and Uploading Photos

I have been trying to create a new post since last night but with our internet connection being so slow, I ended up feeling frustrated. It has been a while since my last blog post and I already have a number of postcards and craft projects lined up that needs to be posted on the blog. I was trying to look into my library of photos looking for specific postcards but I couldn’t find them and the fact that each page took so long to load has added to my frustration. Fortunately though, our internet connection is a bit faster this morning and I was able to browse through the photos of postcards that I have already uploaded. Well, guess what? It seems that the specific postcards that I have been looking for have not actually been uploaded. It seems that I will be doing a lot of scanning, uploading and editing this morning. I just hope I will be able to finish everything today since I still have a number of things to do including looking for affordable gift ideas for the coming holidays. With Christmas just a few weeks away, creating a list of gift items that we need to buy is something that we need to attend to as soon as possible. We have been talking with our kids and asking for their opinion about gift items that we can buy. They have also been giving hints on what they want to receive. Although a new guitar and even that new epiphone les paul special ii at m123 may be on their list , they know that they shouldn’t expect much especially since we have a lot of expenses this coming months. Anyway, I’ll start going through my new postcards and photos and would start scanning and uploading photos that I can use on the blog. Hope you’re all having a great weekend so far.

Practical Home Fire Prevention Tips

Removing fire hazards from your home is important if you want to make it a safe place for your family to live. Did you know that the majority of house fires start in the kitchen? Do not leave cardboard boxes or towels anywhere near your stove. Many of these fires are started because people accidentally light things on fire – or because a forgotten towel catches on fire from the gas stove while you are out of the room, waiting for the water to boil. A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen.
You should also make sure that you clean out your lint trap on your dryer. At the same time, clean out the exhaust pipe, especially if it is one of the older, plastic model. The new, metal ones do not catch on fire even if they get very hot, but the plastic ones can melt. The link trap can also start a fire if it gets to be too full. This may not be incredibly common, but it is a very easy way to make your home safe.
Finally, look into lighting options that are less likely to start a fire. A standard bulb gets very hot, so it can be dangerous to use it near plants or fabrics that could burn. However, an LED curtain from ZappoBZ.com puts off far less heat, even while providing the same amount of light. This is why people often use LED lights in their gardens if they want to leave them on all night.