In My Mailbox : Postcards Received


Here are the postcards I received last week. For the fist time , the mailman delivered the mail on a weekend. I still don’t know how they run things over there at the post office but I’m still not contented with having my mail delivered every two weeks (that is if I’m lucky). I ‘m positive there are some postcards that didn’t reach me, I don’t know what happened to them *sigh*.

Thanks to everyone who sent me postcards, they’re all beautiful. Love them all !

I will feature each of them in this blog in the coming days.

Have a great weekend !

One thought on “In My Mailbox : Postcards Received

  1. wooo!I’m glad the postcard I sent you reached you safely!I sent it I guess first week of September,the mail delivery is slow indeed but I’m glad you have it already^_^

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