It’s Finally Here !

Hello everyone ! Welcome to my newest blog ! Well, it’s more of our blog , meaning , both my husband and I will have a hand in what goes into this blog.

When I would run out of ideas of what to blog about, I would ask hubby for suggestions. Since he also collects coins and stamps , he would suggest if I could make a blog post about them. I told him we’ll make another blog for that, an arts/hobby blog. He’s very excited about the idea of having an arts/hobby blog since he wanted to have a ‘home’ for his collections.

I also have a new hobby, collecting postcards. For now I only do direct swaps but in the coming days I plan to register at postcrossing, where I can regularly send and receive postcards.

We’ll it’s finally here, our arts blog. This domain was given my Mommy Rubz, a Mother’s Day gift with hosting from Pinay Mommies. Thank you, Mommy Rubz !
Thanks also to Mommy Willa for the wonderful badge and to sis Iris for all the help .

Please come back and visit us often. We hope you’ll like what you see.

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