Quick Update

Hello, everyone. It has been a while since our last post and some of you who have been visiting this blog regularly may already been wondering what has happened. Well, the last few months has been quite a struggle since our house burned down on New Year’s eve. We are currently renting a house and are waiting for the processing of our insurance claim. We’re praying that we can have our house rebuilt before the year ends. For now, though, we have managed to clean the house. We have gotten rid of all the debris and have gone through all the stuff that was left (which actually, isn’t a lot).

Among the things that we lost are most of our postcard and stamp collections and some of the miniature houses that we have featured here. A few of the miniature houses that we have are still intact, since they were stored in a different area. Most of the postcards that I received through Postcrossing and through personal swap have also been lost, although there are still a few of them left. Our children also lost most of their collection such as their books, miniature cars, Hot Wheels collection and their Transformers collection. Our youngest is particularly sad about losing his keyboards since he has been using it a lot to play his favorite songs. He has also been taking it with him to school for their group presentations. He’s hoping that we’ll get to save for a new one soon so that he can still continue to play at home and at school. For now, he’s looking at keyboards and beginners piano online to see how much they cost these day.

Anyway, we are hoping to get back to blogging actively again soon. We are still working on having our internet connection transferred. The one we’re using now is not really that dependable (connection is, at times, intermittent; so editing and uploading photos is a concern).

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