Postcrossing # 27 : Sunrise over Lake Ontario


Here’s an excellent view of Lake Ontario – it seems to have a relaxing and calming effect to it. This one was sent by Lynda, a Postcrosser from Canada. She mentioned that she’s a blogger, too ( I may have to visit her profile at Postcrossing because she wasn’t able to indicate the name of her travel blog on the postcard).

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario shoreline, Rouge River Valley Park

Map Card : Canada

I am so loving map cards right now and I am really happy when I received another one to add to my collection. This beautiful map card of Canada was sent by Willa of Postcard Perfect.



Thanks for the wonderful postcard, sis. And thanks also for the Royal Wedding stamp, it’s the second one I have gotten from you.

Postcard from Toronto, Canada


Mommy Willa of Postcard Perfect sent me this postcard from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It features a picturesque view of the Toronto skyline.


Beautiful, isn’t it? I also love the stamp that was used in this postcard :




Thanks for the beautiful postcard, sis ! I’m looking forward to exchanging more postcards with you.