Turn of the Century Milkmen and The Manor Hotel Baguio City

I got this two wonderful postcards from a fellow member of Postcard Enthusiasts, Jenny of A Mom’s Postcard Collection.

The first one is of the Manor Hotel in Camp John Hay, Baguio City, Philippines.

The Camp John Hay Manor Hotel boasts of fine architectural design that makes it an impressive dwelling for tourists. This hotel provides its guests the much-needed relaxation as it is located within lavish gardens of tall pine trees beside the Cordillera Mountains.

The Camp John Hay Manor Hotel is accented with a country-style architecture that concocts a perfect blend with nature. Originally built to provide a vacation spot for American soldiers in the early 1900’s, the property was developed into a hotel resort accessible to the general public. Now, the hotel exudes a warm and relaxing ambience, making the hotel a fine getaway from the day-to-day activities in the metropolis.

source: Baguio Board



This second postcard, which I received on the same day, is quite interesting. It’s description on the back says, “ Milkmen at the turn of the century.”  I can’t imagine how someone who has to balance a big jar of milk on her head can still manage to smile the way these people do.


Thanks. sis Jenny for the wonderful postcards. They’re a great addition to my collection.

Kagay-an Festival Postcard

The Philippines celebrates a number of festivals all year round. Every province, city and region has their own festival.

The Kagay-an Festival (Cagayan de Oro) is held every month of August in honor of their patron saint St. Augustine. It showcases float parades depicting the city’s growth and development, history, people and culture.

There are cultural shows, competitions, street dancing and concerts during the entire duration of the festival.


Kagay-an Festival (Philippines)



This colorful postcard was sent by Mommy Rubz of Postcard Enthusiast. Thanks, Mommy Rubz ! I always look forward to receiving postcards from you.

Map Card : Pennsylvania, U.S.A


This interesting map card of Pennsylvania was sent by mommy Sheila of Picture My World. I find map cards interesting since they tell so much about a certain state/country. Hopefully I’d get to receive more map cards.

Pennsylvania, USA


The Keystone State

Because of its central location among the original 13 states in the U.S.A., Pennsylvania received the nickname “The Keystone State”.

State animal : White-tailed Deer

Tree            : Hemlock

Bird             : Ruffled Grouse

Fish             : Brook trout

Insect          : Firefly

Flower:         : Mountain Laurel


Thanks for the lovely postcard, sis. It looks great !