Heian Shrine, Kyoto

I received another beautiful postcard from Mommy Clarissa of Brilliant Days. I have received so many beautiful and interesting postcards from her and this one is as equally beautiful.


Heian Shrine has a relatively short history, dating back just over a hundred years to 1895. The shrine was built on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the capital’s foundation in Kyoto and is dedicated to the spirits of the first and last emperors who reigned from the city, Emperor Kammu (737-806) and Emperor Komei (1831-1867). Heian is the former name of Kyoto.

A giant torii gate marks the approach to the shrine, around which there are a couple of museums. The actual shrine grounds themselves are very spacious, with a wide open court at the center. The shrine’s main buildings are a partial replica of the original Imperial Palace from the Heian Period, built on a somewhat smaller scale than the original. (source)

Thanks again for the beautiful postcard, Mommy Clang! Love it !