Here’s What Happened to Our Postcard Collection

Receiving postcards from different parts of the world is truly exciting; it gives one a glimpse of not just the interesting and beautiful places that can be found in various countries but also the different cultures that make them unique. I always look forward to the simple stories that the sender would include in their postcards. The stamps are also beautiful which is why we also collect them.

When I joined Postcrossing a few years ago, I knew that collecting postcards and stamps is something that I will do for a very long time.

Sadly though, when our house burned down and we lost most of our possessions, we also lost most of our collections including the postcards. Most of the postcards I received through Postcrossing and through personal swap, have been destroyed. The stamps that we have collected, including the commemorative stamps have also been destroyed. We are truly sad about this because being avid collectors, we consider these collections as treasures, something that cannot be replaced. (The same goes to our children’s collections such as Hotwheels, Transformers, Archie comics, mini 4WDs, etc). Our youngest is particularly sad about his keyboards since he has been learning how to play his favorite songs and he has been bringing his keyboards to school whenever they have presentations. We just told him that we will just have to save for a new one. He has actually been browsing through different websites that offer various musical instruments and accessories such as music stands and 6 channel amp headphone. (By the way, we also have a coin collection which, fortunately, hasn’t been destroyed by the fire).

Anyway, I plan on going being active Postcrossing again and start sending postcards. I hope to find the time to go postcard shopping soon and then start building up our collection once again.

Lake Balaton, Hungary


Lake Balaton, a freshwater lake, is the largest lake in Central Europe and is one of the prime tourist destinations in Hungary. It has different resorts that offer a number of activities fit for various age groups. Children can enjoy swimming at the southern part of the shores where the water is shallow while adults can enjoy deeper waters at the northern shores. Different outdoor activities are also being offered such as paddle boating, sailing, fishing and other water sports as well as other activities such as biking and beach volleyball.

The major resorts that can be found at the different towns surrounding Lake Balaton, such as SiófokZamárdi and Keszthely do not only offer appropriate venues for big events but they also offer a glimpse of the town’s history. The opulent castles and hotels where guests can find elegant art works and furniture such as intricately designed drawers, which are somewhat similar to the drawer guides from, give guests a sense of the towns’ rich history. The picturesque vineyards, parks and breathtaking landscapes are also very popular among tourists.


*Postcrossing postcard # 80 from Bernadett of Hungary.

North Brabant, The Netherlands


North Brabant is a mainland province located in the south of The Netherlands. It has been unofficially called Brabant since 2001. It is now one of the biggest and most populated Dutch provinces. It has also become one of the most popular destinations among local and foreign tourists. Its old but beautiful structures combined with new shops and restaurants have continued to attract visitors throughout the year. There are a number of interesting structures including the Town Hall, the art galleries,and the various religious shrines and chapels including the chapel featured above which was built in honor of The Virgin Mary. People who are looking for places where they can find comfort and a place to say their prayers would come to these chapels and shrines.


*Postcrossing postcard #79 from Nicole of Brabant.