Working on Updates

Hello everyone. I know that in our previous post, we promised to upload our latest arts/craft projects, particularly the miniature tree houses that we’ve made during the previous months. In as much as we want to post them right away, we decided to separate those that we made for other people (those that were sold) and those that were created as part of our collection. And to make a distinction as to which projects are available for sale, we have decided to make a separate Facebook page for them. The page is called Crafts by Juancho and on that page, we will post the different projects that we made for other people such as miniature tree houses, hanging lamp shades and miniature nip huts.
Also, once I have started sending out postcards again and have become active at Postcrossing again, I will start posting the different postcards I will receive from various states such as New York, California, and oakdale minnesota and various parts of the world. I am actually excited about it and hopefully I can begin building up our postcard collection again and replace those that have been lost when our house burned down over a year ago.
I hope you’ll keep an eye out for our updates here and once we’ve sort out the photos that we have of our new projects, we’ll post them here immediately.

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